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Our Story


'Leefe' is pronounced as LEAF. For a simple reason because we believe a cup of tea is as good as its leaves. 

Our brand is conceived from an emerging emphasis on quality, lifestyle and wellness. Our mission is to bring you authentic, natural and better teas.



In Asia where the finest tea originates, tea forms a significant part of our culture. A good cup of tea sparks good conversation and enhances our wellness. Quality tea is packed with health benefits and endowed with characteristics nothing less complex than wine. Savouring tea of true quality is a lifestyle and a cornerstone of modern wellness. 

Our premium tea selections are specially crafted for today's sophisticated consumers. With top tea varieties from the best tea-producing regions, we serve our tea without compromise in an exquisite format well-suited for modern lifestyles.

We believe that premium-quality tea and its benefits should be enjoyed by all. And here, we bring them to you.


On our launch, we present you the finest green tea in the world, directly from the land with centuries of green tea making history. Japanese Sencha is a divine tea with nuanced taste profiles. It possesses powerful antioxidants, particularly EGCG, known for its cancer fighting properties. Less than 3% of Japanese Sencha is exported and even fewer high-grades make it to our drinks. We are going against that by bringing in premium Japanese Sencha for you to sip on its wonders.


Premium Leaves
We source for some of the best leaves from the finest tea producers and farmers.

Packed for freshness
We go the extra mile to vacuum-seal our tea to retain freshness. Aluminium packaging provides the best barrier against oxygen and light which are both damaging to tea.

Bagged for convenience
We put our tea into Leefe Bags so that even the busiest person can enjoy premium tea.

Pyramid Leefe Bags
We adopt the pyramidal designed tea bags which allows ample space for our tea leaves to unfurl and release their flavours.