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Tea of the Month - Osminthus




Osminthus is a unique house blend from Leefe Tea. As its name suggests, Osminthus is a blend of Osmanthus, Spearmint, as well as Japanese Sencha. The sweet fragrance of Osmanthus, coupled with refreshing mint makes this tea a morning perk-me-up! Our Japanese Sencha used in this blend provides a light tea base which is easily enjoyed by anyone. Sip on and reap the benefits.


Osmanthus is a golden yellow flower found mainly in Eastern Asia - e.g. China and Japan. This flower carries a strong natural fragrance and is widely popular in Asian countries. Osmanthus can be enjoyed on its own as a floral tea or part of a tea blend, and is also commonly added to wines and desserts for an extra touch of delicate fragrance. 

Other than its appealing scent, osmanthus also has many health benefits. It is said to act as a natural cleanser for our body by flushing out toxins and aids in digestion. This flower also promotes lung health and improves complexion.


Spearmint is a species of mint native to most of Europe and Asia. Its aroma is very similar to peppermint, but it contains less menthol and is sweeter in comparison. The smell of spearmint is widely used to alleviate symptoms of nausea. The leaves can also be brewed to relieve indigestion, gas, headache and sore throat.

Osminthus can be enjoyed both hot and as a cold brew. The pure fragrance of osmanthus and invigorating smell of spearmint is an impeccable combination together with Japanese Sencha. Happy Steeping!


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