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Tea of the Month - Fukamushicha



Fukamushicha translates to "deep steamed tea". It is a unique type of tea typically produced in Shizuoka prefecture, Japan. The difference between Fukamushicha and any other type of regular Sencha (Japanese green tea) lies in the steaming process which is a step to halt oxidation peculiar to Japanese tea.

The Steaming Process

The steaming process is measured by the duration to which the raw tea leaves are exposed. Lightly-steamed Sencha is usually steamed for around 1 minute while Fukamushicha is steamed for approximately 2 minutes. The extended steaming duration breaks down the fibres, making the leaves more brittle. As a result, Fukamushicha appears rather broken and is often being misinterpreted as low-quality tea by people.

Contrary to its appearance, Fukamushicha yields a bold and rich taste, well-loved by tea connoisseurs. The brew is slightly cloudy and darker green in colour. The deep steaming process reduces tea astringency, resulting in a smoother mouthfeel enriched by natural tea sweetness. There is also a delicate aroma that ought to be taken in before you begin sipping.

How to Brew

Just like any other pure Japanese Sencha, brewing Fukamushicha requires you to take note of 2 important factors – water temperature and steeping time.

The recommended steep for our Fukamushicha:

  • Temperature: 80⁰C
  • Steeping Time: 1 minute
  • Water: 180ml – 200ml

Since the leaves of Fukamushicha is brittle, it requires a shorter for the tea flavour to be extracted. Adjust around the recommended 1 minute to get your desired strength. When brewed with the right time and temperature, you can enjoy a balanced brew of Japanese green tea which makes a great and healthy drink at any time of your day!


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