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Popular Questions About Japanese Green Tea




What is unique about Japanese Green Tea? 

The uniqueness of Japanese green tea lies in its production methods and nuanced taste profiles. Like any green tea, Japanese green tea is considered unoxidised. However, when brewed, Japanese green tea releases fresh flavours and fresh green/yellowish-green liquor like no others.

In producing green tea, the oxidation process has first to be stopped. This can be done by either pan-frying the leaves (a method commonly used in the production of Chinese green tea) or steaming the leaves, which is a unique method employed only in Japanese tea production. The steaming method not only retains the green but is also a carefully controlled process to alter the profile of the tea. The steam duration can stretch from a short 15 seconds to as long as 60 seconds. A deeper steam would produce tea with a cloudier soup and fuller body, also known as Fukamushicha.

What is "umami"?

"Umami" means "pleasant savoury taste" in Japanese. It is usually used by Japanese to describe something delicious that could not be represented by one of the four taste categories. Technically, "umami" refers to glutamate — a type of amino acid. This amino acid occurs naturally in many foods such as meat, fish, vegetables and dairy products. When glutamate breaks down, it becomes L-glutamate, which is the enjoyable taste which we refer to as "umami".

What are the benefits of drinking Japanese Green Tea?

Japanese Green Tea contains a bioflavonoid - catechin, which helps fight cancer, lowers cholesterol, and clear block veins and arteries. It also contains an amino acid that is primarily present in tea – L-theanine, which helps reduce blood pressure and regulate neural and nervous systems reducing mental and physical stress.

Catechin gives green tea its unique bitter taste while Theanine adds the sweet umami flavor. The perfect combination of these two results in a tea that is well-balanced and delicious.

How do we store our green tea after opening?

Since green tea is unoxidised, leaving it exposed to air will encourage continued oxidation of the tea, resulting in the deterioration of flavours.

At Leefe Tea, our products are vacuum packed to maintain freshness. Once a package opened, it is best to squeeze out any air within it and store it in air-tight containers to minimize further oxidation. This way, you will be able to enjoy the full flavor and aroma of our premium selections! Also, do store them in a cool dry place  and away from sunlight.

Are there any flavorings in Leefe Tea?

In both our DELUXE and LIFESTYLE series, we do not use any flavorings or enhancers. You can be assured that our blends are carefully crafted through intensive R&D and made with premium ingredients to present you the best tea experience.

When can I drink green tea?

You can drink green tea at any time of the day! It is a healthy drink which should be enjoyed everyday. However, due to the strong presence of catechin, a type of antioxidants, in Japanese green tea, we recommend that you drink not with an empty stomach for those who have weaker gastric.


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