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Beat the Heat! How to Make Cold Brew Tea


Cold-brewed teas are popular these days and are especially desired during the hot seasons. These teas are refreshing and well-liked as they are less astringent and bitter due to the cold steeping. Tannins are reduced when using cold water than hot water. Therefore, cold-brewed teas usually comes out much sweeter.

The term can be misused to simply refer to cold tea or iced tea. Cold-brewed tea in fact is a technique in brewing tea which makes it tastier naturally than iced tea. The longer hours of steeping requires more patience, but the results are satisfying.

The concept of cold-brew is to use cold water to slowly extract the flavours of the tea. This process takes at least 4 hours and can be stretched up to 12 hours for a more intense flavour. Simply steep about 2.5-5g of leaves to about 300ml of cold water and let it sit in the fridge. When it is ready, just pour out your brew and filter the leaves.

The secret to making a delicious brew would be to use only high quality tea leaves. With that, you will need no sugar nor flavourings to enhance your drink. What we want to achieve is an all natural cold-brewed tea beverage.

Using Leefe's premium pyramidal tea bags, we recommend to steep 1 bag to around 250ml – 300ml of cold water. You can add more Leefe Bags in proportion to the desired amount of water. For instance, for a one litre pitcher, we would use 3-4 tea bags. Remember to let it steep in the fridge.

Making your own cold-brewed tea isn't hard afterall. Now take some time to make your brew!

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