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10 Ways to Utilize Used Tea Bags




We are used to throwing away our used tea bags after enjoying our cup of tea. However, do you know that there are many ways to utilize these bags? Before you toss them away, think twice!

1. Deodorizer

Green tea leaves have an amazing deodorizing effect. For example, you can burn dried used tea leaves as incense. The smoke will eliminate odors and make your room smell fresh. You can also put dried used tea leaves in your shoes to remove bad odors. Odors on cooking equipment like cutting boards and cooking pots can be removed by wiping them with damp used tea leaves.

2. Treating Sunburns

Cool the tea bags after steeping and you can use these cooled bags on sunburns and other minor burns for relief. You can even brew a tea bath for a good pampering session.

3. Antiseptic Properties and Alleviates Sore and Bleeding Gums

Tannins in tea constricts blood vessels which helps to stop the bleeding and also relieves swollen tissues that cause soreness. Tea leaves have an antiseptic and astringent effect. You can also gargle with green tea to kill germs or use as a topical antiseptic or astringent to keep your skin beautiful and healthy.

Do you know that the Japanese traditionally used cloth soaked in Hojicha as baby wipes to keep the baby's skin clean and soft.

4. Reduce Puffiness

Woke up with puffy and tired eyes? Fret not! This is an open secret for all beauty junkies. To reduce puffiness around your eyes, soak a tea bag in warm water and place on each eye for 20 minutes. You can also help to prevent and reduce underage dark circles! 

5. Anti-rust

Tannin, which is present in green tea, has anti-rust properties when coated on the surface of steel. Therefore, you can wiping a steel pot or knife with used tea leaves to prevent the item from rusting. 

6. Speed up Decomposition

Rebrew used bags in a bucket of water and use the resulting weak tea to water your plants and protect them from fungal infections. Alternately, open up used tea bags and sprinkle the damp leaves around the base of your plants to fertilize the soil and deter garden pests like mice. You can also add previously-brewed tea bags to your compost pile for a boost of nutrients!

7. Clean Carpets and Rugs

Use pre-brewed tea to clean and deodorize your floor coverings. Store used tea bags in the refrigerator in a cup of water to keep them from spoiling until you have enough to cover the surface you want to clean. Then open the used tea bags and let all of the leaves dry until they are still slightly damp, but no longer wet. Sprinkle the loose tea over rugs and carpets and leave them until they are totally dry. Then vacuum them up or sweep the dried tea leaves away.

8. Deter Household Pests

Mice don’t particularly like the smell of tea. Tuck used tea bags into cupboards, pantries, and in any areas where these pests may enter your home to make them think twice about coming inside. For added protection, try saturating the bags with peppermint essential oil.  

9. Clean Grease

Clean dirty mirrors and pots and pans with tea. Its astringent nature cutes down on grease. 

10. Soak Your Feet

Add used tea bags to warm water and soak your feet to neutralize foot odors, soften calluses, and nourish your skin.

Moist tea bags can be kept at room temperature for a day at the most. Otherwise, you will want to refrigerate them to prevent mold and bacteria growth. Just remember that all natural foods – tea included – will go bad after a long enough period of time, even when kept chilled.


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