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Mad about Matcha!

Mad about Matcha!

Matcha has been making waves and finding its place in modern dining concepts. The ingenuity of chefs churned out numerous matcha-inspired products such as patisseries, lattes and ice cream. Let's go deeper to understand what makes Matcha Matcha.
10 Ways to Utilize Used Tea Bags

10 Ways to Utilize Used Tea Bags

We are used to throwing away our used tea bags after enjoying our cup of tea. However, do you know that there are many ways to utilize these bags? Before you toss them away, think twice!
Beat the Heat! How to Make Cold Brew Tea

Beat the Heat! How to Make Cold Brew Tea

Cold-brewed teas are popular these days and are especially desired during the hot seasons. These teas are refreshing and well-liked as they are less astringent and bitter due to the cold steeping. Tannins are reduced when using cold water than hot water. Therefore, cold-brewed teas usually comes out much sweeter.